Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can Medi-Cal Take The Family Home?

The stories floating around that people lose their family home when a person on Medi-Cal dies are true. That is - if the owner of the home received Medi-Cal, then the family’s home can be lost. You are actually required to report the death of the person who was a Medi-Cal recipient so that Medi-Cal can decide if they are going to go after the home and assets. Currently, Medi-Cal does not take the home as long a the spouse is living, however do not chance losing the home once the spouse dies. One of the best strategies to implement, so that Medi-Cal cannot take the home, is to properly transfer it into a House Trust. Doing this lets the home/equity go to the surviving children. Our office can further explain the process and prepare all supporting documents. Free consultation, call 818-887-3333,

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