Friday, February 11, 2011

Spouse Spends Entire Pay Check on Nursing Home Care - Will I Have To?

Alice Salvo gave me peace of mind which I am can not thank her enough.
My 86 year old mother entered a nursing home in 2005, my dad spent almost everything he earned to pay mom's medical expenses. His entire pay check each month provided for her care, and my sister and I had to help support my dad. With the slowing economy, he had investment losses and could not afford the nursing home costs so my sister and I started paying for mother's care.

Just what would happen if one day dad should also require nursing home care.  After doing an internet search I noticed other people had to face the same dilemma. I called attorney Alice Salvo and found out she helps families in this difficult situation. I was impressed with her knowledge friendly disposition and relieved to discover she had a solution that would benefit me.

Alice Salvo helped my father by preserving the remaining assets and made sure he will always have a home to live in. Attorney Salvo qualified my mother for Medi-Cal, carefully explaining the process, preparing the applications and working with the Medi-Cal offices. We were pleased with the impressive level of professionalism. Everything was handled so well and all her work was in compliance with agency regulations. All was accomplished in only about a month.

I found out that there is no financial security when you have someone in a nursing home and you must be proactive. In general facilities do not give you options other than private payment, and they really do not care that you have another elderly parent to care for. May I suggest to anyone having a similar situation to mine that they immediately get in touch with Alice Salvo and see what solutions she can offer you.